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Community Profile

Official Church Board

This group meets on the third Thursday of every month at 1 pm. The business of running the church is discussed at this meeting. Members are elected to the Board at the congregational meeting. The term of Board members is two years, but the term of this special board is six (6) months, until February 2024.

Board Members:

Terry Ashley (secretary),
Heather Awmack (treasurer),
Ken Awmack (ministry and personnel),
John Christoffersen (co-chair),
Alvin Gregory (trustee)
Ed Kozuki (co-chair, property committee),
Maureen Margetts (member at large),
Ross McCoubrey (Co-chair, trustee),
Pat Starr (member at large),
Mary Telfor (trustee).

Board Meeting Minutes
Board minutes are no longer available on-line, to read a copy of the latest minutes, they are available in the church office.

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