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Worship Service (What to Expect)

To meet Dr. Bonnie Henry's (provincial health officer)during this Covid-19 pandemic strict guidelines of meeting the social distance regulations, and wearing masks. Rev. Nancy Colton is producing a complete worship service by Zoom at 10 am each Sunday (log into Zoom at 9:45). To get your Zoom link, email Rev. Nancy Colton at minister.saucwl@outlook.com.


Worship Service

Front of sanctuary The Covid-19 pandemic has meant the worship service is a little different from 2019. Rev. Nancy Colton is producing a complete worship service, a copy can be read on the website (weekly message), or join by Zoom at 9:45 am Sunday. To get your Zoom link, email Rev. Nancy Colton at minister.saucwl@outlook.com.

A worship service is every Sunday at 10:00 am. led by Rev. Nancy Colton. The worship service lasts for about one hour. This traditional service follows an order of service outlined in each week's bulletin. Social distancing is strictly adhered to with some pews roped off and number where peopole can sit.Masks must be worn throuout the service. Those who are able stand for hymns. The congregation sits during prayers, scripture readings and the sermon.



Most announcements are in the bulletin and on the website. Some announcements are highlighted by congregants during the service.




Children in worship

Children are encouraged to join us during the service. Covid-19 prevents us from having a Sunday School program for them. Toys and colouring sheets are always available for their use. These toys/sheets are found in the "Welcome Children" basket in the entryway(narthex). Some noise is accepted during worship. If children are particularily rambuctious, a "Quiet room" is available to use. The "quiet room" is a sound dampened room with a speaker broadcast so that the youngster(s) can make noise and the caregiver can see and hear the service. Church School takes place in the pastoral care room on the main floor.





Hymns are all accompanied by a piano or organ. Sometimes the hymn is also accompanied with additional instruments (Bass Fiddle, Tuba, Flute, etc.). All hymns are led by a 2-10 member choir. The congregation is wearing masks, but they are encouraged to join in with all hymns. At times the choir pesents an anthem, or a soloist performs special music.



Communion is celebrated once per month. Usually on the last Sunday of the month during the regular service. All people in attendance that Sunday are ecouraged to join in communion. Those not wishing to receive communion can receive a blessing instead. Communion is served in stations, where congregants come forward to receive communion. Those unable to move to a communion station can have communion served in the pew. Make sure that a communion server is aware of your need.




Written Copies of the Sermon

Some people have some hearing problems so appreciate a copy of the sermon to read along with the minister. We strive to make this a comfortable environment for everyone. Some people wish to re-read the sermon after the service, so an electronic copy can be sent by the office or a copy can be read on the website.


Hospitality after Service

Everone is invited to the MacKinnon Hall for hospitality after the service. Once your sittting, the mask can be removed. Over a cup of coffee/tea/juice and a snack people can visit and talk to their neighbors. This is a good chance to get to know your fellow congregants. Many congregants wear name tags to make connections easier. Join us in the MacKinnon Hall at the end of the hall for coffee time!